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Download 767 Training Manual - Lauda Air PDF

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3 TAKE OFF 80kts • Incapacitation and ASI check and required thrust has been set. 4 Windshear Avoidance, precautions, recovery: • Review Windshear flight path control • Use of pitch attitude and thrust to control flight path verses airspeed • Airplane response characteristics • Respecting Stick Shaker • Go around considerations • Use of Autopilot/Flight Director • Difficulty of recognizing degrading flight path during transition from IMC to VMC. 0 t Vers. 0 t STAB TO V2 = ASS. T. 0 t Vers. 0 t STAB TO V2 = ASS.

T. 1 OBJECTIVES Loft component • Instrument failures • Loss of thrust both engines • Revision of rapid decompression & emergency descent • Asymmetric flight • Rejected take off Manipulation component • Introduction to Go-Arounds ! One & Two engines ! 0 t Vers. 0 t STAB TO V2 = ASS. T. 11 NOTES FOR INSTRUCTORS • Some repositioning/snapshots maybe required during the Co-pilot sector so as to allow 1 hour for go arounds. 1 OBJECTIVES Loft component • High speed rejected take off • Max weight take off • ADC malfunctions • Advanced asymmetric • Circling approach • Landing gear malfunctions Manipulation component • Windshear • Cdr.

2 Malfunctions Hydraulic malfunction: • Single system versus double system failure • Systems lost • Alternate flap operation - time 3mins flaps up to flaps 20 • Alternate gear • Reserve brakes & steering • Flaps 20 landing – flare Flight control malfunctions: • Flap/Slat asymmetry versus disagree Landing malfunctions: • Reverser failure, • autobrake failure. • Performance calculations, Hydraulic malfunction landing distance required. 3 FFS Lesson Plans FFS Session 2 Introduction to Single Engine Operation Last hour of the session.

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