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Download Abstract Data Types and Algorithms by Manoochehr Azmoodeh (auth.) PDF

By Manoochehr Azmoodeh (auth.)

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For instance, to convey the notion of 'Fred's car is red', it would be utterly impractical if we had to describe it as "The thing which has four wheels, a body consisting of an engine compartment, a boot and a passenger compartment capable of accommodating four persons; one of its headlamps does not work, ... ; it belongs to Fred who is a man, six foot tall, with dark brown hair, ... ; it is red on the outside of the body with a few stripes in silver and the wheels are also in red and ... ". In a simple conversation, the level of concern only requires the facts concerning the ownership of a car (by Fred) and its colour (which is red).

To reduce the amount of such detailed organisational activity, we can define 'idealised' architectures on top of the machine architecture, and in this way we will provide a new framework for programmers so that they can express their requirements more easily and effectively. In this chapter we shall briefly discuss the main components of a program using an 'assembly-language' -level architecture, and then describe a more idealised architecture which would accommodate higher-level constructs for certain programming elements: operation, control and data.

15. Show that if a computer executes algorithm A6 of sizeS in T units of time, then a computer which is 60 times faster would execute the algorithm in T time for size x where x=S+ Hint: n! 16. 5, for finding the best-case time complexities? If not, why not? 17. 5. Bibliographic Notes and Further Reading The discussion of the complexity theory in this chapter is very pragmatic. In order to reason about the behaviour of algorithms more accurately and for com· paring algorithms, more precise and mathematical models of computation are needed.

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