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Download Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform by Calvin Austin PDF

By Calvin Austin

(Pearson schooling) A advisor for knowledgeable internet builders to utilizing the Java 2 platform. courses the reader via complex APIs, offering assurance of key components in complex functions. The CD-ROM includes all the resource code referenced within the textual content in addition to the textual content itself in html, and Linux software program. Softcover. DLC: program software--Development.

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Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4

The 1. four model of Java 2 typical variation offers many new programming features whereas making lots of outdated projects more uncomplicated. yet with out trustworthy advice, you will find it tough to exploit even a fragment of what the recent SDK has to supply. jam-packed with distinctive insurance of the recent know-how, step by step guideline, and information from an acclaimed Java advisor and writer, getting to know Java 2, J2SE 1.

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Note: Transfering code and data are key parts of the Jini System software specification. In fact, adding a discovery and join service to the RMI services would create something very similar to what you get in the Jini architecture. RMI in the Auction Application The RMI-based RegistrationServer has the following new methods: • A new create method for creating a new user. • A new find method for finding a user. • A new search method for the custom search of users in the database. The new custom search passes results back to the calling client by way of an RMI callback.

Because RegistrationImpl extends UnicastRemoteObject, its results are passed by reference, and so only one copy of that user&"garbage"> Distributed Garbage Collection Using remote references to objects on the server from a client outside the server's garbage collector introduces some potential problems with memory leaks. How does the server know it is holding onto a reference to a Registration object that is no longer being used by any clients because they aborted or a network connection was dropped?

Policy security policy file to grant the permissions needed to run the example on the Java 2 platforms. Most RMI applications need the two socket permissions for socket and HTTP access to the specified ports. The two thread permissions, were listed in a stack trace as being needed for the RegistrationImpl class to create a new inner thread. In the Java 2 platform, when a program does not have all the permissions it needs, the Java1 virtual machine (VM) generates a stack trace that lists the permissions that need to be added to the security policy file.

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