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Download Adventures in Design: The Ultimate Visual Guide, 153 by Joen Wolfrom PDF

By Joen Wolfrom

This name deals every little thing you want to find out about the necessities of excellent layout from an across the world popular specialist. this is the layout textbook for quilters. «Adventures in colour» offers the 8 components of layout - line, course, form, color, price, texture, percentage, and scale - and indicates you the way to effectively paintings with those parts, both separately or in any mix. even if you think about your self to be a quilter, an artist, or a crafter, you could increase your layout abilities with this clean, cutting edge procedure. additionally integrated is an inspiring gallery of layout strategies by way of many widespread quilters and artists - together with Alex Anderson, Paula Nadelstern, and Ricky Tims - with over one hundred fifty photos showcasing all varieties of quilts and upholstery artwork, from conventional to trendy.

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При написании книги использовались разнообразные кельтские образцы, которые были переработаны в шаблоны для вышивки крестиком. Здесь представлены 30 подробных и полностью готовых проектов, начиная от самых простых и до достаточно серьезных объемных работ: животные, растения и люди. Кроме того, отдельным разделом имеется образцы классического кельтского алфавита.

The Mystery of Analytical Work: Weavings From Jung and Bion

This ebook offers an exploration of the medical perform of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. It explores the methods psychoanalysts and different clinicians are taught to avoid direct emotional connections with their sufferers. Sullivan, suggesting that relatedness is the root of emotional health and wellbeing, examines the common fight among socially orientated energies that fight towards fact and narcissistic impulses that push us to take safe haven in lies.

201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas

В книге представлено 201 вязаных крючков мотивов и блоков с подробными схемами и инструкциями. Containing a listing of motifs and blocks, plus styles, you could both create your personal designs from the wealth of wonderful motifs illustrated or keep on with one among Melodys fail-safe styles which are additionally integrated.

Crafting with paracord : 50 fun and creative projects using the world's strongest cord

MAKE IT COOL WITH PARACORD quite powerful, remarkable in its shades and amazingly flexible, paracord is definitely the right fabric for crafting trendy and practical goods. utilizing easy-to-follow, step by step pictures, this full-color advisor exhibits find out how to grasp dozens of initiatives, together with: Braids for enjoyable bracelets and watchbands Weaves for extraordinary leashes and baggage straps Wraps for difficult knife and flashlight handles Knots for ornamental lanyards and clasps Bars for convenient ropes and keychains "

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