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Download Air Disaster: The Propeller Era by Macarthur Job PDF

By Macarthur Job

From the earliest days of manned flight, one factor mainly others has preoccupied pilots and passengers – how can we stay away from crashing?

It used to be a time of most unlikely glamour – for the 1st time, traditional humans may well fly around the oceans and continents to work out the remainder of the world.

But the tale of the infancy of the massive airliners is as a lot a narrative of tragedy and catastrophe because it is of triumph and romance.
Design flaws, pilot blunders, a scarcity of figuring out of fatigue… those and lots of different components contributed to a litany of catastrophe.

Welsh rugby lovers, flying again from a win opposed to Ireland… a fuel-starved aeroplane plunging into Manchester’s streets… a chartered plane wearing excited troops domestic for Christmas… a tender mom decapitated as she holds her little one son on her lap

In AIR catastrophe: THE PROPELLER period, the award-winning Macarthur task – one of many world’s most excellent aviation writers, and himself a pilot – is going again to the early days of overseas air shuttle, and appears on the root factors of a few of the worst mess ups of that period.

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Two K-22s. and a single K- 18 camera sighting through square windows cul into the bottom and sides of the rear fuselage. he Photo-Navigator. The F- 13As were further modified in having fuel tanks installed in the rear bomb bay. The forward bomb bay cou ld hold either a full load of photo flash bombs, or a cargo platform could be installed which could hold additional film or special cameras. he addition of a Photo-Navigator and a Cameraman that maintained and operated the photo systems while inflight.

277 mph (445 kmph) Service Celling.................................. 4,200 miles (7,890 km) Crew.................................................... Eteven An RB·50E (47·131) resplendent In Its Gloss Black lower surfaces and a false serial num· btr on the tall ls assigned to tha 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron at Yokota AB, J ipan In 1953. RB·50s were very active In the Korean War combat zone, with at least one btlng sh ot down by MiGs over the Sea of Japan. (Bob Mlkesh) An RB·50F from the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing based at Forbes AFB, Kansas In 1953.

Thus the F- l 3A became an RB· 29 or an RB-29A. During the Korean War, the very long range reconnaissance mission was agai n flown by RB-29s (and some RB-50s) assigned 10 the 91st Strategic ReconnaissanU! Squadron (SRS) at Yokoia. he Korean War was flown by a 9 1st SRS RB-29A c hecking North Korean air bases. Sweet n ' Lola was a modified F·13A photo Superfortress assigned to the 509th BG dur· Ing the Bikini A· bomb tests In July of 1946. Barely seen under the rear fuselage Is the Indentation of a camera port.

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