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Download Ancient Science: 40 Time-Traveling, World-Exploring, by Jim Wiese PDF

By Jim Wiese

Dig into the technology of precedent days and unearth striking discoveries!
* have you questioned the place paper comes from, who made the 1st identified maps, or how the traditional Egyptians have been in a position to construct the pyramids?
* do you want to make your personal sundial, realize how you can become aware of earthquakes, or learn how to write in hieroglyphics?
* Are you searching for nice principles on your subsequent technology reasonable undertaking?

If you spoke back "Yes" to any of those questions, then old technological know-how is for you! From Greek lighthouses and Roman bridges to chinese language kites and Mesopotamian cleaning soap, you'll examine the various maximum clinical discoveries and the folks who brought them to the area. Dozens of fun-packed actions assist you see for your self how the earliest people cultivated vegetation, why tools make various sounds, how fireworks get their explosive energy, and lots more and plenty extra. the entire initiatives are secure and straightforward to do, and all you wish is daily stuff from round the condominium. So step again in time and take an awesome trip with historic technology!

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Pour the curds from the strainer back into the pan and add 1⁄4 teaspoon (1 ml) of baking soda. Stir gently. Don’t be surprised if the baking soda reacts with any leftover vinegar by bubbling. 4. Slowly add water, a small amount at a time, to the mixture until the resulting glue is the right consistency for your use. 5. Test your glue by pasting two pieces of paper together. Explanation Your glue should be able to hold two pieces of paper together. This project is an example of a chemical reaction.

In their government, many people were given a chance to voice their opinions, not just a king. Their free discussion of ideas gave rise to philosophy, reason, logic, and the scientific method. It started an era of great thinkers, men like Aristotle. Aristotle split science into categories, such as biology and physics, and studied them all. The ability to reason and figure things out became important. The Greeks believed that growing intellectually and challenging the mind was a worthwhile end in itself.

Fill the sink or tub with water. 4. Pinch the free end of the tubing closed and place the jar in the water so that the rock hangs below it. The jar should float. If it sinks, use a smaller rock. 5. Release the closed end of the tubing that you previously pinched off. What happens? 6. Blow into the tube. What happens to the jar and rock this time? More Fun Stuff to Do Use an aquarium air pump to make the jar and rock move up and down. Design and build other ways to make the jar and weight move up and down.

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